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  1. 僅為電子票券,現場請使用手機兌換。
  2. 此票券可於2023亞洲手創展期間,於展會「手帳專區」限量兌換預購之設計手帳,含插畫者書封以及2024年曆合計1套(定價999元) 
  3. 本預購商品加贈「2023亞洲手創展x單人單日進場電子票券1張」,可憑電子票券驗票並蓋手章進場,當日不限進場次數。
  4. 限量兌換預購之設計手帳,請憑電子票卷到「手帳專區」掃描QRCODE,領取商品,不另運送。 (展會入場券原價280元) 
  5. 2023亞洲手創展 將於 11/16-11/19 在松山文創園區三、四、五號倉庫舉辦。
  6. 若無法參加2023亞洲手創展到「手帳專區」領取商品 ,請將


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Behind The Cover 封面背後的故事

Artist/Creator Interview 藝術家/創作者專訪


Q1. Tell us about yourself as an artist/creator. 請向我們簡要介绍一下您作為一位藝術家/創作者的背景和經歷。

後來旅歐十數載 在倫敦和巴黎學習插畫及陶藝 回到台灣之後則開始展售我的平面及立體作品 目前定居在冰島創作跟生活。
I was drawing before I could walk or talk, and later went on to study illustration and ceramics in Paris and London.
After returning to Taiwan, I started exhibiting and selling my work.
I now live and work in Iceland.


Q2. What inspired your cover design for Mossery? 是什麼啟發了你的這個封面設計?

本次的作品選自我歷來最受歡迎的畫作 我希望他們可以日常地陪伴使用者的生活。
My work often springs from my surroundings and observations.
I am interested in the balance of the universe, mythologies, and the shared human experience.
The works I have selected for this project are some of my most popular artworks that I believe could be good companions in daily life.


Q3. Describe your artistic style and influences. 請描述一下您的藝術風格和受到影響的因素。

我的風格可以說是一種東方與西方的混合體,雖然我的創作經常以風景為主,但畫的其實是一種內在風景 ,我很喜歡法國當代的插畫風格,但我喜歡的藝術風格非常廣泛,立體與平面都有,譬如 Andrew Wyeth, Lee Bontecou, Peter Doig, Richard Serra, Femke Hiemstra 等等,都是我非常喜歡的藝術家。
My style is a mixture of East and West.
While I often paint landscapes, they are more “mindscapes” that represent our inner dealings.
I am very fond of contemporary French illustration, as well as a wide spectrum of other artists, both 2D and 3D.
My favourite artists include Andrew Wyeth, Lee Bontecou, Peter Doig, Richard Serra, Femke Hiemstra.. to name but a few.


Q4. What was your creative process for this design? 請分享一下您這個設計的創作過程。

我的創作方式其實非常老派,而我主要的媒材是陶土跟油畫,這次所選的作品都是翻拍後 經過極少量局部修飾的油畫作品 。
My creative methods are rather old skool, and my main mediums are oil paint and clay.
The works used in this project were all oil paintings, photographed and lightly touched up in locations.


Q5. Did you face any challenges during the creation? How did you overcome them? 在創作過程中是否遇到了任何挑戰?如果有的话,你是如何克服它們的?

最大的挑戰大概就是科技吧! (笑)
The only challenge I’ve encountered was that of technology!


Q6. Are there specific themes or messages you wanted to convey through the cover? 你希望通過這個封面傳達哪些信息?

沒有什麼特定的信息 只希望使用者可以神遊其中 怡然自得 🙂
Not really. I always try to leave plenty of space for the viewer’s mind to wander 🙂


Q7. What is creativity mean to you? 創意對你而言是什麼

It is my way to relate to the world and hopefully give something back.


Q8. What emotions do you hope people feel when they see your cover? 您期待別人看到你的封面時,它會帶給人們什麼樣的情緒?

I hope to bring a little joy and calm to a life that can often be overwhelming.


Q9. What advice do you have for aspiring artists or creators who want to make their mark in the industry? 對於那些初入行的藝術家或創作者,你有什麼建議?

就繼續吧! Just keep going.