City: Seoul

SIHF, Seoul Intl’ Handmade Fair, is hosted by a social enterprise called Living and Art Creative Center, which first introduced a Free Market (the Art & Culture Market) 17 years ago.

SIHF believes that handmade holds the power to help us coexist with nature and harmoniously embellish it by spread into its emerging area and gaining wider sympathy of Handmade culture. Handmade is essential to creativity and communication in the twenty-first century.

Now is the time to take the opportunity to promote the development of handmade and ensure its future by systematically introducing Handmade trends and culture to a wider segment of society.

亞洲手創展(Pop Up Asia) 是第一個以促進亞洲各城市手作創業者與組織交流為核心的手作創業展會。
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