City: Tokyo

Atré’s parent company, JR East, is one of the largest railway companies in the world. 

Shopping malls directly connected to or within train stations have played important roles in urban development projects across Japan, most notably in the Greater Tokyo Area, obtaining a considerable business share in Tokyo’s commercial business market in train station vicinities. 

In this emerging market, Atré has built an outstanding presence, achieving dominant business size.

 In terms of shopping mall business size, Atré is a dominant player with outstanding figures: Boasting 41 successful stores in the Greater Tokyo Area, and total 1,600 tenants. Taipei is the 10th cities Atré launch atré and also the 1st city outside of Japan.

亞洲手創展(Pop Up Asia) 是第一個以促進亞洲各城市手作創業者與組織交流為核心的手作創業展會。
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