City: Phnom Penh

Cambodia is a land of resources, talents, and know-how, from natural wellness and food products to arts and craft skills. Many producers and retailers of Cambodia have limited access to domestic and international markets due to fuzzy distribution channels and a lack of promotional expertise.

BRB partners benefit from a long experience in Cambodia, dealing with handicraft, fashion, art, and tourism, and demonstrated expertise in retail for Cambodian companies for the past 6 years. BRB Cambodia’s ambition is to promote Cambodian products and know-how by supporting retail industries in Cambodia accessing local and international markets.

As retail experts, BRB Cambodia offers strategic and operational solutions across marketing, sales, procurement, and distribution. BRB’s international network of experts is here to ensure that stakeholders of the Cambodian retail industry can achieve the efficiency and effectiveness required to be successful – no matter where they are in the supply chain.

亞洲手創展(Pop Up Asia) 是第一個以促進亞洲各城市手作創業者與組織交流為核心的手作創業展會。
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