Roll’n Fun

Handmade in Macau-Corrugated Fiberboard three-dimensional roll paper.
In 2014, I had a chance encounter with ” Paper doll creative studio” on the internet, experienced that the colorful corrugated paper strips can be transformed into such a variety of wonderful three-dimensional shapes. I began to love this crafting technique and addict into the world of ” Paper doll creative studio “. At that time I was a full-time employee so I could only practice my skills and do my own creation after work. When I encountered difficulties, I will online consult my tutor. With the encouragement of my friends in November 2014, I took participation in a local art & cultural activity – Tap Seac Craft Market. I took this activity as my first step in communicating with my customers. However I gradually discovered difficulties and blind spots on my works that I could not be overcome. Therefore, I went to Taiwan to further study in 2015, strengthened the application of basic techniques and related skills, and accepted full-time customized orders and teaching since 2017.