Hello , We are “Bokeh” from Thailand. Our products are everyday camera bags that you can contain more than a camera , lifestyle also.
“Bokeh : more than a Camera Bag” Origin of “Bokeh” is from 2 people loving photography , one who never found a beautiful camera bag that’s fit to her style and one who never found a camera bag that’s functional for his everyday life. So they decided to improve these 2 pain points and started the camera bag brand name Bokeh. Our brand highlights are simple , good looking , functional and able to contain a camera with lens and stuffs in only one bag. We wish our camera bag is easy for everyone to bring in everyday and everywhere. The main material of the bag outer is 14 onz. canvas fabric. So, it’s rather durable and can give the cozy looks that’s easy to match with outfits , but it’s not water-repellent. The inside of our bags are made from velvet fabric that helps to protect your camera and it has adjustable partitions inside every bag. Now we have 5 collections : Classic , Mini Classic , Tote , Mini Tote , Bricks. The best sellers are Mini Classic and Bricks because they are compact and the most customer is not the professional photographer. If you want to know us more , you can visit us at Facebook or Instagram name Bokeh.Ouffocus. Thank you for your interest.